Tax Planning

Tower Financial Partners are experts in finance, tax and small business accounting; we can reduce stress by helping you get ahead, chart a course and reduce tax liability. Not everyone is the same and situations are always changing; mange your largest expense by keeping your financial decisions tax efficient.

Tax planning includes creating hypothetical tax returns based on proposed scenarios before making a large decision- whether that’s liquidating investments, selling a rental property, maximizing contributions to tax-favored accounts or anything else. Tax Planning also allows us to create estimated tax payments that match the income you receive and not generate an overpayment.

Our Structural and Pinnacle Toolkit subscribers receive Tax Planning as part of their Toolkit Subscription and can utilize this tool any time at no additional charge. If you’re not ready to commit to a Toolkit, we offer Tax Planning at an hourly rate– we can help you determine the cost effectiveness of an hourly rate vs a Toolkit Subscription based on your individual situation.

Please note, we do not sell any investments or insurance and only receive compensation from you, the client. This ensures our direction is unbiased by incentives or commissions.