Tax Preparation

Tower Financial Partners is staffed with Enrolled Agents and Annual Filing Season Participants (an IRS program that requires annual competency testing, continuing education, and places extra responsibility on the preparer to provide accurate advice to clients) to ensure we only prepare bullet-proof tax returns. Our client-centric, tech-based approach ensures we can support any client, anywhere in the world– no longer do you need to find a local expert; we’re always local!

Every client starts our process with a tax interview which ensures we don’t miss a single tax savings opportunity and gives us the chance to get to know you better- we’ll probably ask you more questions than you’ve ever been asked before at tax time but it’s how we uncover hidden tax opportunities. We provide a secure online portal for document upload and accept in-person drop off without an appointment. While we love utilizing technology to make working with us easy, our main priority is reducing the stress of filing taxes– We’ll never force you to fight a computer or learn new apps if you don’t want to.

Client education and transparency are cornerstones of our practice; that’s why all returns are reviewed line-by-line with you before filing. We’ll happily answer any questions and make any changes needed during this appointment. Clients in all three levels of our Toolkit Subscriptions also receive coaching to understand what changes they can make in their financial decisions to improve their taxation next year.

All Toolkit subscribers receive an annual tax return as part of their Toolkit Subscription for no additional charge. If you’re not ready to commit to a Toolkit, we offer tax preparation a-la-carte. Our pricing is based on complexity, not the number of forms or hours spent, therefore pricing varies drastically. Give us a call and we can provide an accurate quote.

Please note, we do not sell any investments or insurance and only receive compensation from you, the client. This ensures our direction is unbiased by incentives or commissions.