Tax Resolution

In the event you have unresolved issues with the IRS, our Enrolled Agents are happy to take the burden off your back and represent you before the IRS to reach full resolution. Having unresolved tax issues is extremely stressful, involves long wait times and the laws and deadlines are complex. If you have issues with the IRS or state taxing agency, our Enrolled Agents can reduce stress by helping you understand your options, getting a plan in place and negotiating with the IRS or State Authorities. We are your advocates- we will fight for your rights and protect you from IRS. Get your life back, let us handle the IRS.

We are able to represent you before the IRS and can help with tax problems including:

  • Offers in Compromise – pay less than your bill
  • Installment Agreements – pay over time
  • Penalty Abatement – removing penalties
  • Liens/Levies
  • Judgments
  • Back tax filings

Tax resolution always starts with an Investigative Fee which allows us to review your documents, request information from the IRS and research your entire tax situation. Once we know the scope of possible solutions, we’ll let you know your options, help you decide and then get to work. Pricing is always discussed before work is performed and payment plans are available. Please note, tax resolution services are not covered in our Toolkit Subscriptions, however, a Toolkit Subscription can help provide peace of mind around your entire financial picture and possibly help you avoid needing additional representation services.